Wishbone extraction tool



  • Material: Cr-Mo Stee l W/Steel tube Black Finish.
  • Size 1250mmL.
  • Design the sliding groove for adjust the position to be work easily.
  • To push down the wishbone and other suspension parts, e.g. during the disassembly of the drive shaft, during replacing the gaiter or exchange of the wheel bearing. After loosening the ball joint the wishbone must in most cases be pushed down against the bush or stabilizer tension, in order to pull the joint from the support.
  • Pretty often here problems arise:
    - the joint wedges again in the cone, after it was pressed down onlybriefly with a tire lever.
    - the ball joint or gaiter get damaged.
    - the mechanic injures himself or damages suspension partswhen the tire lever slips away.
  • With this lever tool the work can comfortably and surely be accomplished by one person.
  • Packing: Brown box / 2pcs/12/13/2.5’ .